QHHT Hypnosis Services

Are you ready to find improvement in your life and work through the blocks that are holding you back? Are you ready to use hypnosis as a tool to go deep within yourself to find clarity?

Hypnosis is deeply relaxing and will put you in a state of consciousness that breaks down the barriers that are holding you back. The hypnotic state of consciousness allows you to gain full understanding of your life. You will be guided by your Subconscious/Higher Self- the part of you that is beyond your conscious mind, the part that has all the answers and keeps all the records. The Subconscious/Higher Self will take you on a journey that unfolds similar to a story, and through this story, you will find deep understanding and clarity.

Hypnosis will be the gateway to gaining clarity for the problems and stressors in your life, you will find the direction you need through this powerful QHHT Hypnosis technique.

Are you ready?

QHHT Hypnosis | $350

Full hypnosis session lasting 4-6 hours. Gaining answers and deep insight for around 20 life questions you may have. Audio recording included.

Existing QHHT customer | $320

Welcome back! I'm so glad to see you again! Let's dive in deeper! (This is also for hypnosis!)

Extended QHHT session follow-up call | $50/hr

Was your session out of this world and you would like to discuss this deeper? Gladly! I am here to help!

Referrals for QHHT Hypnosis | $45 off next session*

Your referral is so greatly appreciated! Thank you kindly.

(*referral must complete a paid session to receive discount)

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Katrina performing individual hypnosis

Group Hypnosis and Private Journey Hypnosis

Group Hypnosis and Private Journey Hypnosis is a fun way to learn what hypnosis is like, and to explore the topics offered. These sessions allow you to scratch the surface and get information you need at this time in a low stakes environment. Schedule with a group of friends or by yourself and journey to a past life or to meet your guide or even to a future lifetime. Have fun with it and learn something new about yourself!

Topics: Visit a Past Life, Meet Your Guide/Guardian Angel, Visit a Future Life

Group Size: Up to 5.
Contact me to schedule for groups of 6-15.

Group Hypnosis | $20-$50/person

From 1-3 topics
Group Size: up to 5
Contact me to schedule groups of 6-15
1-2.5 hours

Private Journey Hypnosis | $50-$125

Customize from 1-3 topics
1-2.5 hours

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Other Services

My job is to help you find answers and to bring relief and support to your system.

Using hypnosis is a powerful way for you to connect within while I help facilitate you finding answers to your big questions. However, not everyone is ready for this experience and that’s ok! That is where I am here to step in and take the lead.

Intuitive Energy Healing and Intuitive Card Reading services utilize my own internal guidance system in order to find answers to your questions, and to bring relief and support to your system- the pressure is off of you. You need only to be open and receptive. We will start with a phone, or email chat to consult what would best suit your needs, and we’ll go from there- easy as that.

What do you need right now?

Intuitive Energy Healing | $20 - $50 (depending on symptom complexity)

Intuitive Energy Healing is a modality of energy healing (similar to Reiki) where I work with my guide team to intuitively bring relief and support to your system (mental, physical or emotional).
All that is required of you is to be consenting, and open to healing. This is done on the energetic level, being in person is not necessary as energy does not know distance.

Contact me for a consult and to book Intuitive Energy Healing.

Intuitive Card Reading

Using cards as a tool to connect to your guides, I am able to help you find answers to your pressing questions. Intuitive card readings can be in person, via email or phone.

15min (1 question) $20
30min (1-3 questions) $40
1 hour (multiple questions in that time) $60

Contact me for a consult and to book Intuititve Energy Healing.

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