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Headshot of Katrina Mirinda, owner and founder, sitting on the couch in her office space

Welcome, I'm here for you.

Truly, there is no greater honor than to be able to communicate with the Higher Self and Greater Consciousness through hypnosis, to be the navigator on a ride with your precious soul to help you find transformation from the dark to the light.

Through extensive training and certification with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, I have learned how to help those seeking answers for a greater purpose and find their wisdom directly from within themselves.

I learned how to shift my mindset in order to attract more positive experiences...


My path hasn’t always been easy. I needed to hit rock bottom in many ways to be able to break free from the things that were holding me back in life.

Rock bottom for me was injury and physical pain, depression, feeling like there is so much more just out of reach, and grief processing from an abundance of loss. I needed change in my life badly; I knew that the most meaningful change I needed would come from within. The answers I needed for my life and for my soul would evolve as I learned about myself and how to see the world and the experiences life challenges us with through a different lens.

I dove into self-help. I learned how to shift my mindset in order to attract more positive experiences through learning about the Law of Attraction with Abraham Hicks. I learned how to open my senses and trust my inner guidance from a course with Echo Bodine, I learned how to protect my energy and stand within healthy boundaries from Lisa Campion. I learned about exponential possibility through lessons from Dolores Cannon and that is when I discovered what my purpose was.

Now, how can I help you?

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